A safer and better

working environment

Eliminate polluting combustion generators by choosing our electric solutions
to reduce CO2 emissions and noise pollution.

PESS puts all its energy

into freeing your construction sites from all constraints

Improve the air quality of your teams by using our solutions to reduce pollution

Reduce the noise generated by thermal generators with our alternative solutions

Power isolated areas safely without constraint

Meet legal requirements and opt for green construction

Our zero emission

electric generators


7,2 kVA – 10 kWh

Rock-e puts all its energy into guaranteeing the safety of your sites and constructions, offering your teams a top-quality working environment.

Energy anywhere, anytime

Use our zero-emission generators on your green construction sites, at night, in low-emission zones or confined areas, in lorries, or in your site hut, combined with our solar solution

Use cases


I power

your tools anywhere


your intervention truck

I power




Jack Hammer



Angle grinder



Vacuum cleaner



Bulk 160 kVA – 600 kWh

Power your entire construction site

The high-capacity, high-power container with limited impact thanks to its second-life electric vehicle batteries.

customer stories

We used the generator for 8 full days. It powered our welding operations, recharged around 20 of our hand-held power tool batteries and we used the microwave every day. The biggest advantages of the generator are the absence of noise on the site and its autonomy (no risk of running out of fuel, breakdown of the thermal generator or risk of flat batteries on the hand-held generator).

Chef d’agence Côte d’Armor, BREMAT

Vincent MAROS

We powered a 3-module base station for 3 weeks without any disconnections. It’s a real time-saver : there’s no cable to run and no extra subscription to worry about. It’s very easy to install and very practical in terms of mobility...”

Cheffe de projet Installations de chantier, BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION


Energy anywhere, anytime


Plug & play mobile solar solution


Charging at any electric vehicule charging station